Claudia Desgranges - Floating Colours

  May 10th until June 29th, 2013

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Claudia Desgranges - Floating Colours

We are showing selected works on aluminium from the series Zeitstreifen, as well as an attractive selection of small format works on canvas from the current series Floating Colours.

The central theme in Claudia Desgranges works is the painted colour, its appearance and interaction on varying image carriers. Its recognisable, concentrated, as well as disciplined signature does leave enough space for the self-activity of colour. She experiments with speed and the behaviour of colour in a conceptional manner.

The new Floating Colours series combines for instance different speeds. First one finds the fast, rhythmic signature of Zeitstreifen, that inevitably accelerates the view forwards. Finely dosed transparent downpours however overlay in a second procedure the strictness of the stripes and decelerate them.

Claudia Desgranges’ years of experience in dealing with colour enable the direct realisation and coherent composition of finely graded and merging colour shades. The versatility of the look and feel of the freely flowing colour gradient that show themselves to the observer in their fascinating nonchalant discretion and ease is astonishing.